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An ‘ARTICLE’ is a scientific writing where the experiments and observations you have made to prove your claim or hypothesis are reported. It requires professional advice, especially since there are certain rules in the writing of academic articles. It is very important since it is the final product of your academic studies. Consulting services are provided for the translation and editing of your manuscripts by experts who are proficient in their fields.


  • Manuscript Types Counceling is Available
    • Research Articles
    • Review Articles
    • Converting Thesis or Project Final Reports into Manuscripts (articles)
    • Case Presentations
    • Abstracts


  • Article Translation; Your scientific articles are translated into English by experts of the related fields.
  • Language Editing of the Manuscripts; Your manuscript in English is checked, reviewed, corrected and improved in terms of correct English Language.
  • Advanced English Editing; Editing and reviewing of your manuscript by experts who are native English speakers.
  • Copy-Editing; Editing and correcting your Manuscript in terms of scientific content. The experts here will bring about the structure of your article (length, presentation of the results of the experiment, paragraphs, discussion, figures, tables, etc.). It should not be forgotten that the reviewing of your manuscript by experts before submitting it to the journals is extremely important in terms of getting a positive result (“accept” or “accept after revision”).
  • Deciding on the Journal and Formatting Accordingly; The selection of the journal according to the topic of your manuscript and the results of your experiments. Here, manuscripts are evaluated by our experts and services are provided to determine the appropriate publication roadmap. In addition, because the journals have their own rules, article editing is done according to the selected journal.
  • Organizing the References using Citation Managing Software; Citation organizing software such as EndNote, Citation Manager and Mendeley are used worldwide by academics writing articles and are considered as a precondition for article submission to some journals. EndNote (the most popular one) arranges references and provides easy reference within the text. If you want to send your manuscript to another journal, it automatically arranges your references according to the rules of the journal of interest with a few clicks.
  • Correspondance with the Editor; Your answers to referee comments are both translated (if needed) and edited for both English language and for the scientific content.

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