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A project is a scientific presentation prepared to investigate the validity of an assertion or hypothesis by scientific methods. In order to carry out scientific projects, firstly sufficient financial support is needed. Projects must be approved both in terms of content and in writing in order to be accepted. For this reason, the professional writing of the grant proposals is very important to get acceptance for funding. We provide counseling and supervising through our experts, during proposal preparation with respect to literature search, ethical approval application (if needed), determining experimental strategy, scientific and statistical analyses of the obtained results, preparation of the final reports, and finally converting the results into manuscripts.

  • Proposal Types Counseling and Supervising are Available
    • Small Institution Grants (such as your institution)
    • National Grants (such as NSF, DPE and USDA for USA)
    • European Union Grants (Such as HORIZON 2020)
  • Literature Search; Counseling on project topic determination by scanning PubMed and similar databases
  • Experimental Strategy; Consultation in setting up methodologies and experiments to investigate the accuracy of the project hypothesis.

o    Determination of the experimental model; databases should be scanned to identify a model acceptable to academic world. o    Identification of the study groups and variables required for the investigation of the project hypothesis and identification of the methods (biochemical, genetic, pathological, histological, physiological, etc.) to be used for the analysis of these variableso    If required, determine the number of animals to be used (rat, mouse or guinea pig) and the number of animals in terms of statistics (Power Analysis)o    Collection of data obtained as a result of experiments, transfer of data to statistical programs (such SPSS, especially in survey studies) and running necessary statistical analyses.

  • Budget; Consultation for the list of materials and budget required for experiments
  • Ethical Approval Application; If necessary, counseling on ethics committee application
  • Proposal Writing; Supervising on basic information in writing the grant proposals and / or projects within the proposal
  • Language Editing; Reviewing and correcting the proposal in terms of language (punctuation marks, academic writing rules and project writing rules)
  • Format of the Grant Proposal; Formatting the grant proposal according to the formatting guidelines of the institution applied for the grant.
  • Sections of the Grant Proposal; Organization of the sections of the proposal (Summary, Aims and Objectives, Subject, Scope and Summary of the Literature, Original Value, Method, Project Management, Project Team, Work Package and Task Distribution, Success Criteria, Risk Management and Common Influence)
  • Support After the Proposal is Supported; Consultancy services are also provided for the preparation of grant contracts, execution, progress reports and final report for the supported (funded) projects. If the project report preparation service is purchased from us, (if necessary after the report) discounts of up to 50% are applied for articles preparing, writing, submitting and submitting to appropriate journals.
  • Converting the Final Report into Manuscripts; Please click “ARTICLES” for further information.


‘STATISTICS’ is a scientific discipline that collects data for a specific purpose, analyzes them, presents them in tables and graphics, and explains the degree of confidence of the results. It is an important factor in the acceptance of both articles and projects. A large number of articles or projects have been rejected even before the referee’s examination, as appropriate statistical analyses have not been conducted. For the survival of such negativities, we provide statistics counseling by our specialist staff.

  • Statistical counseling at proposal preparation; These are the analyzes that should be done during the project phase before starting the experiments. Conducting of these analyses is very important in terms of eliminating possible mistakes made at the beginning of a project or a thesis work.
    • Planning of the clinical experiments
    • POWER analysis
    • Analysis of the magnitute of the sampling
  • Data Entry; questionnaires, scales and similar work data to the SPSS program. Your data is also transferred from EXCEL to the SPSS program.
  • Descriptional and predictional ptatistical analyses; Performing the analyses using the methods appropriate to the result obtained.
  • Presentation of the data as graphs and / or tables; Conversion of the obtained data into tables and / or graphs through statistical analyses.
  • Interpretation of the results; Interpretation of the results yielded as tables and / or graphs by the statistical analyses.
  • META analysis; Consultation is provided on META analysis which has been widely used in scientific papers recently.

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