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‘THESIS’ is written in order to prove a claim or a hypothesis via literature search and / or through experimental work, and is regarded as a touchstone in the world of academia. From this point of view, it is very important that your experimental data are sufficient, as well as the writing and transformation of these data, since your thesis will definitely be examined in academic ascension. All Rights Reserved. Counseling services are provided for your theses.

  • Theses Supervising is Available
  • Medicine Theses
  • Doctorate (PhD) Theses
  • Master Theses (Master of Science, Master of Art)
  • Undergraduate Graduation Theses, Term Papers, Graduation Projects


  • Literature Search; Counseling in determining thesis topic by scanning PubMed and similar databases
  • Experimental Methodology; Advising on the experiments and methodology to determine the thesis hypothesis
    • Determination of the experimental model; databases should be scanned to identify an acceptable model for academic world.
    • Identification of the study groups and variables required for the hypothesis and for the analysis of these variables (biochemical, genetic, pathological, histological, physiological, etc.)
    • If required, determine the number of animals to be used (rat, mouse or guinea pig) and the number of animals in terms of statistics (Power Analysis)
    • Recovery of data obtained as a result of experiments, transfer of data to statistical programs such as SPSS (especially in survey studies) and necessary statistical calculations
  • Budget; List of supplies and budget for testing
  • Ethics Committee; If necessary, the ethics committee advises on the application
  • Thesis Writing; Counseling about general information in writing thesis
  • Language Editing; Reduction and editing of the theses in terms of grammatical errors (punctuation marks, spelling rules and thesis writing style)
  • Thesis Format; Adjustment of the thesis according to the institution format
  • Subdivisions of the Thesis; Organizing chapters and subdivisions of the thesis (Cover, Preface, Figures and Table lists, Contents and References)
  • Converting Thesis to Manuscripts; Please refer to the ‘Article’ section for further information.

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